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Ooh we has Wiki

Posted by croik on 2010.05.11 at 21:27
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First of all, please add killercarnation, our new Quercus! OR ELSE HE'LL DESTROY YOU WITH HIS EXTRATERRITORIAL RIGHTS...!!

In other news, Ema Skye is now back on the Open list. Let us know if you're working on an app!

And lastly, for our new people (and the vets who may have forgotten!), check out our GSRP Wiki! If you make an account and let me know what it is, I'll give you editing rights so you can input your profile, keep a list of the scenes you've done, collect fanon, etc. If you're playing a character that's been taken before, feel free to remove what they wrote for the profile, but if there are scenes listed from a previous RP run, please leave them there! Just add a new section for 3.0.

If you have any questions let me know~

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