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New playmates :D

Posted by croik on 2010.05.18 at 23:33
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Got some new peeps for ya! Please add our "new" Ema, itscience_bb, and our new Acro/Ken, henamesthesky!! Like always the admin panel linked from the comm profile can help you out with that.

And speaking of Acro, with so many prison characters it's about time we make up a prison block diagram! If you want your cell next to someone in particular now's the time to say so. It won't really affect anything except who is across from you (i.e. who you can spy on). Plan for maximum hilarity.

Oh, and the men and women are separated enough that they can't see into each others cells, because co-ed or not, that is creepeh. So men on one end of the hall, ladies on the other.

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