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Back to sleep, little RP~

Posted by croik on 2010.09.09 at 20:25
Hey guys, sorry about the long absence (again!). I guess this is kind of obvious by now, but the RP has stalled to an end. It's a shame this round didn't have the momentum of previous ones, but I'm really glad I got the chance to meet and play with you all. Thanks for some fun times!

Like before, the comm isn't going to get deleted or anything. I'm still holding out hope that we can do a post-AJ era RP someday, since we never got the chance to explore that. Now that GK2 is announced maybe when it comes out we'll try again...? In the meantime everyone is still welcomed in chat, and courtroomlobby is still open if you ever want to do some casual RP.

Take care everyone and hopefully we'll see you around :D

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Posted by dcrescendo on 2010.08.31 at 20:27
 Hey guys, I'm sorry that this post will just be one of the many drop posts here at this community. ):

I've lost a lot of interest in roleplaying Ace Attorney characters, so I've been really lame and not posting anything. I'm sorry )))): I had lots of fun when I was still active here, and I really felt like I learned a lot about roleplay games from here the most. Thanks for the good times!


New chara plus A WARNING OMG

Posted by croik on 2010.07.27 at 20:54
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Please welcome and be sure to add to your flist blueskyesmiling, our new Lana!

Also, I'm going to be out of town from the 31st to August 8th, so please don't burn the comm down while I'm gone. Anyone applying during that time will just have to wait for me to return, I'm afraid. I will be in the wilderness cut off from all forms of internets (aka my yearly camping trip).

So if you have any questions or ideas you want to implement during that time lemme know!

I'll Odeko YOU!!!

[Event] Prison Therapy II - Summer Edition

Posted by croik on 2010.07.18 at 21:47
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*While Gourd Lake entertains summer guests with ice cream and fun, LA's most notorious prison has a different idea. They've marched the inmates of cell block X outside, each carrying their own chair (except for Acro of course~) and forced them into a circle for everyone's favorite Therapy Session! If everyone behaves they might even get extra dessert.

And this session's leader is....


[Event] Summer BBQ!

Posted by croik on 2010.07.18 at 21:12
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[[Sorry about the long absence guys. Are y'all still here!? Let's see if we can't liven things up a little with some events~]]

It's a hot summer day at Gourd Lake, not a cloud in the sky, perfect weather for the park's annual Gourd Festival! Snack vendors have been stationed in the picnic area and boat rental is half off! Signs advertise fireworks to rival the 4 of July come nightfall. There are even places set up for gourd-carving--much better than pumpkins and not at all related to Halloween, you know. Come enjoy popsicles, swimming, and a romantic hike through the woods...!

I'll Odeko YOU!!!

Mod Toast

Posted by croik on 2010.06.21 at 22:32
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We've got a bunch of open characters now, some of them pretty large:

Miles Edgeworth
Kay Faraday
Shi-Long Lang
Larry Butz
Adrian Andrews
Damon Gant
Franziska von Karma
Valant Gramarye
Calisto Yew
Pearl Fey

If any of these tasty morsels tempt you, please drop a line! We may have to do a touch of retcon here and there, maybe some shuffling, but GSRP is pushing forward and we have July 4th to look towards. If you've had thoughts about adding, dropping, or swapping characters, now would be a good time for it.

Let me know if you have any ideas or questions~

critical thinking

Mod post

Posted by wrightaway on 2010.06.07 at 22:18
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Tyrell Badd has been put back on the open list. Also, it seems we forgot to give our Matt a proper introduction! I think you all have him by now, but just in case, make sure you have try_the_wine friended.

Now that the convention's over, we should start thinking of a new event! Let us know if you have any ideas :D


New playmates :D

Posted by croik on 2010.05.18 at 23:33
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Got some new peeps for ya! Please add our "new" Ema, itscience_bb, and our new Acro/Ken, henamesthesky!! Like always the admin panel linked from the comm profile can help you out with that.

And speaking of Acro, with so many prison characters it's about time we make up a prison block diagram! If you want your cell next to someone in particular now's the time to say so. It won't really affect anything except who is across from you (i.e. who you can spy on). Plan for maximum hilarity.

Oh, and the men and women are separated enough that they can't see into each others cells, because co-ed or not, that is creepeh. So men on one end of the hall, ladies on the other.


Ooh we has Wiki

Posted by croik on 2010.05.11 at 21:27
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First of all, please add killercarnation, our new Quercus! OR ELSE HE'LL DESTROY YOU WITH HIS EXTRATERRITORIAL RIGHTS...!!

In other news, Ema Skye is now back on the Open list. Let us know if you're working on an app!

And lastly, for our new people (and the vets who may have forgotten!), check out our GSRP Wiki! If you make an account and let me know what it is, I'll give you editing rights so you can input your profile, keep a list of the scenes you've done, collect fanon, etc. If you're playing a character that's been taken before, feel free to remove what they wrote for the profile, but if there are scenes listed from a previous RP run, please leave them there! Just add a new section for 3.0.

If you have any questions let me know~


[EVENT] Prison Group Therapy I

Posted by silverwind9 on 2010.05.09 at 21:22
The inmates are lead one by one to a large, sparse room with a circle of chairs facing each other. A correctional officer with a bored look on his face reads from a clipboard:

"So, now's group therapy time, boys and girls. This is 'a period allotted for mutual reflection and respect that the State of California hopes will rehabilitate those in the penitentiary system,' yadda yadda. This week, we begin a rotational leadership program developed by the Office of Correctional Facilities. Each inmate will take turns facilitating group discussion and leading conversation."

The officer glances up, and looks around the room at random. His gaze settles on the former Chief of Police.

"We'll start with... you!"

The officer turns on his heels and walks out the door.

"And you're not going anywhere else for the next three hours, so you might as well talk!"

The door slams with a loud metal clank.

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