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RP Comment and Critique Master Post

Posted by silverwind9 on 2010.05.06 at 17:15
Quite a few RPers have expressed a desire to hear comments, constructive criticisms, requests for specific scenes and etc. from readers and fellow players. Here is a collection of the specific places you can go to do so.

If you've got a moment, please drop by any of these journals and leave a reply behind! Even a short "I enjoyed what you did in this scene!" would make a player's day brighter--and if there is something that confuses you or that you think a player can improve on, please let them know.

If you have a general comment you wish to make, or if you can't find the person you want to address in the list below, feel free to leave a message right in this post. :)

RPers-- if you have an entry up that I didn't catch, or if you've just made one, just let me know in a reply here.

A_rocky_ravine - Klavier Gavin

Aqua - Wendy Oldbag

Cam - Adrian Andrews, Larry Butz and Shi-Long Lang

Chypie - Jacques Portsman

Clockworkhappy - Apollo Justice and Maggey Byrde

Croik - Phoenix Wright and Lauren Paups

Foxysquid - Colias Palaeno and Diego Armando

Green Avenger - Kristoph Gavin and Maya Fey

Hi - Mimi Miney

Kurisuchinu - Kay Faraday

Strawberry_fzz - Dick Gumshoe and Rhoda Teneiro

Sil - Miles Edgeworth and Damon Gant

Space - Franziska von Karma, Shii-na/Calisto Yew, Valant Gramarye

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