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Characters Get!

Posted by croik on 2010.05.06 at 20:29
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Couple of new characters to throw your way! Please make sure you have added Diego (nosugar_nomilk), Adrian (agent_andrews), Valant (valantineheart) and Mimi (chevrolady)! You can use the friend code in the Community Profile to update your Flist.


RP Comment and Critique Master Post

Posted by silverwind9 on 2010.05.06 at 17:15
Quite a few RPers have expressed a desire to hear comments, constructive criticisms, requests for specific scenes and etc. from readers and fellow players. Here is a collection of the specific places you can go to do so.

If you've got a moment, please drop by any of these journals and leave a reply behind! Even a short "I enjoyed what you did in this scene!" would make a player's day brighter--and if there is something that confuses you or that you think a player can improve on, please let them know.

If you have a general comment you wish to make, or if you can't find the person you want to address in the list below, feel free to leave a message right in this post. :)

RPers-- if you have an entry up that I didn't catch, or if you've just made one, just let me know in a reply here.

A_rocky_ravine - Klavier Gavin

Aqua - Wendy Oldbag

Cam - Adrian Andrews, Larry Butz and Shi-Long Lang

Chypie - Jacques Portsman

Clockworkhappy - Apollo Justice and Maggey Byrde

Croik - Phoenix Wright and Lauren Paups

Foxysquid - Colias Palaeno and Diego Armando

Green Avenger - Kristoph Gavin and Maya Fey

Hi - Mimi Miney

Kurisuchinu - Kay Faraday

Strawberry_fzz - Dick Gumshoe and Rhoda Teneiro

Sil - Miles Edgeworth and Damon Gant

Space - Franziska von Karma, Shii-na/Calisto Yew, Valant Gramarye



Posted by silverwind9 on 2010.04.30 at 00:40
Please add young_maiden, our new Oldbaggy played by aquachump. 8D

Also, a reminder regarding scenes: don't be afraid to approach anybody and everybody for a scene! Players hang out in IRC just itchin for some RPin, so if you drop by it's easy to grab a partner. If you need ideas for a scene, just come to me or your friendly neighbourhood potato lover! (That's croik.)


[Event] The De-Badging of Phoenix Wright

Posted by croik on 2010.04.29 at 20:23
Current Mood: sadsad
*The Trial of Zak Gramarye has ended, the suspect has fled, and Phoenix Wright's disbarment hearing has ended with an unfavorable ruling for the accused. The news is spreading across the city wildly, on TV and in blogs, with mixed reactions from the law world and people in general. The courthouse itself is still bustling with reporters, as parties from both trial and hearing give statements to the press.*

[This is a very open event for characters to react to the disbarment news, whether that be to mock/console/punch Phoenix at the courthouse, or discuss it with whomever they happen to be with, etc.]



Posted by silverwind9 on 2010.04.23 at 20:06
Two housekeeping duties today: Please add pearlyqs, our new Pearly Pearls being played by hanshi. Also, please remove missoldbag from your lists. You can grab the most up to date adding code at our profile.

As a reminder to everyone, there is a base level of activity we ask for in the RP--nothing set in stone, but in general an entry two weeks or so or a handful of replies/comments a week should be sufficient. If you're going through a tough time (exams, essays, Life), let one of the mods know, and we can definitely help accommodate you. :Dv

Quiet Smile

[EVENT] The Quiet Vacation

Posted by knights_edge on 2010.04.19 at 22:12
((Event is closed to everyone save to those who know who they are-- oh, and Oldbag (but please drop by the chat for some planning first before entry, Oldbag. 8D)

Event will actually "happen" about a week or so from now.))

After spending a quiet morning with a cup of tea and a copy of the L.A. Times, Edgeworth loads up his silver sports car with a single briefcase and departs from his home. He's dressed no differently than if he were going to work--wine red suit, cravat and all--and the route he takes is strictly the norm as well... save that on the final stretch of highway he zooms past his usual exit and continues onward.

He drives for a full hour and a half on the highway, stopping only when he arrives at a small, picturesque seaside town. It being a weekday, the place is quite pleasantly low in wandering people; Edgeworth only runs into a handful of sleepy individuals as he parks his car and enters the hotel he'd booked a reservation in.

When he leaves the hotel, Edgeworth comes out still toting his briefcase, but fully changed: gone are the formal clothes, replaced with a red button up, short sleeved collared shirt, casual brown pants, and sunglasses. Seemingly satisfied that he can now commence his day off--and that he hasn't been followed--the prosecutor heads off towards the town's main street, intending to take a short leisurely stroll down to the boardwalk.


[Event] Prison Mingling!

Posted by croik on 2010.04.09 at 22:10
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As the event continues at Exposé Park, it is being televised on the city's local news channel, which is conveniently being shown on every television at Bloodspill Correctional Facility. In the event room they've even put out some extra refreshments! Several inmates have gathered and are watching the coverage of the auction, some afraid of seeing their possessions get put up for sale, others ready and eager to mock them for it.

[[This is a basic mingling event for everyone in prison, who can't participate in the auction. Play nice!]]


[EVENT] Police Auction @ Exposé Park

Posted by silverwind9 on 2010.04.09 at 19:05
It's a beautiful sunny afternoon at Exposé Park, perfect weather for the First (Re)Annual Police Auction. A short glance about the place quickly makes it apparent why the location was chosen; there is a wide open space in the center of the park for people to gather, and there a stage, small tent (no doubt for auction items) and sound system have been set up against a steep stone-faced wall. With police headquarters just a short trot away, transport of the goods must have been a breeze.

With the event nearly starting, a few individuals have started to gather about the place—a few vendors and individuals in mascot costumes have arrived as well. Somewhat puzzling, however, is the lack of any actual police officer presence, not to mention anyone higher up in the police hierarchy.

((As an aside, please add alphashifu to your lists, as he is our new Lang. :D))

((NOTE: Please keep bids/discussions about an item located directly under [# ITEM] post for ease of read. :D))


Great goods for cheap prices!

Come one, come all! The first police auction in over a decade will take place in Exposé Park this Friday afternoon. Confiscated goods formerly belonging to various Los Angeles inmates will be sold to the highest bidder.

Items to be auctioned off include various used vehicles, electronics, art pieces and sports equipment. All proceeds will go towards making our prisons a safer, better place.

Bring your whole family!


Have some coupons!

Posted by croik on 2010.04.05 at 21:39
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Please give a warm welcome (i.e. plz friend) to our new Colias Paleno over at dearestdiplomat!

We could still reallllllly use a Gumshoe, Pearl and Quercus. If you've given any thought to applying for them, please let us know!

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