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Welcome to gyakusai_rp, a Phoenix Wright roleplay community! Everyone is welcome to become part of our cast. This is a serious RP where characterization and an ongoing plot are the priority. Unfortunately, the RP is currently closed but we do intend to restart at some point in the future..

If you ever have any questions or suggestions for the group, you can contact us mods at the following contacts. Or just catch us on IRC sometime. (#gyakusai_rp@dynastynet)
croik croikpotato @ hotmail dot com

This RP takes place real time, and begins April, 2019 - just after the end of AAI. This is a completely fresh start, with no connections to previous runs of the RP.

  • Everything is on a first come, first serve basis, through the main RP community. If more than one person applies for the same character in a short amount of time, the moderators will make a decision as to who seems best fitted to the role. If you start working on an application leave us a note in the claims post, and that way if someone else tries out for the same role before you get yours finished, we can hold off making a call until you do.

  • To apply for a character you must first fill out an application (which is basically a character profile plus a sample post) and post it to the Character Claim Post. This should NOT be in character, and be as detailed as you can stand to make it.

  • Make sure the character you choose is someone you're honestly interested in playing. Though we have many community events, it will be up to each individual player to keep up their activity by coming up with things for their character to post about.

  • Some characters are not allowed due to the unavoidable impact they would have on the plot. If the character is not on the list, they cannot be picked up, though there may be times we let someone play them temporarily if the plot requires it.

  • Everyone is expected to make at least one post every two weeks. They don't all have to be insightful or profound. Comments made to someone else's journal do count. Please keep in mind that the game can't move forward without its players!

  • If you know you're going to be away for a while (vacation, emergency, or just have a big school project coming up) please let your fellow players know! If your character is involved in an event and you have to be away for an extended period of time, you may be asked to let someone temporarily control your character (as a last resort only).

  • If you're inactive because you just can't think of anything to post, please feel free to talk to other players for inspiration. There's almost always someone in IRC to talk with.

    After three weeks of complete inactivity, a mod will get in touch with you to find out the reason and help give you ideas if you're stuck. At this point, you may be asked to leave the RP if no progress is made.

  • This is a semi-serious RP. Or at least, it's not a crack-driven RP. It's our goal for each player to recreate their chosen character as faithfully, but also as creatively, as possible. Of course, we also want to live up to PW's quirky sense of humor as well. But unless the thread or event is specifically labeled as "Non Canon" staying in character is a must.

  • This is an LJ based RP, therefore it's primarily made up of personal entries, just like LJ usually is. You'll post to your character LJ just like that character would be doing. Don't worry about coming up with reasons for why certain enemies might have each other friended. Those kinds of things can be overlooked. For the specific style we prefer for the RP, please read this guidelines post.

  • In person, group events are carried out on the main gyakusai_rp community (parties, meetings, fights, etc). The intro posts should indicate what's going on and who's able to join (for example, "This is the Police Station's annual costume party. All members of law enforcement are invited to attend"). Most events won't include everyone, but it's all right to have more than one going on at once. Everyone is welcome to come up with and post events. But if you're going to start an event including specific people, please talk to the players involved ahead of time so they have an idea of what you have in mind.

  • Do not control another person's character, ever.

  • For one on one, in person conversations, you're welcome to use your character journal, or carry them out in an IM program. In the interests of keeping everyone involved, any interaction considered RP canon must be posted. This RP is all about supporting a continuous plot, and we can't do that if you keep us in the dark!

  • Off topic or "non canon" events are also welcomed in the gyakusai_rp community. These are usually anything from wild parties to free for all brawls that everyone's invited to join in without affecting the RP canon line. Just make sure to put "Crack" or "non-canon" in the title.

    If you're still a little unclear as to how this all works, you can always contact one of the mods to answer your questions, or simply go back a few entries in the community to have a peek at what's been done before.

  • Every character journal is required to have gyakusai_rp friended and be a member, because that's where we make most game announcements. Only current players will be allowed to be members of the community itself, but anyone is free to watch.

  • It's recommended that the players use IRC to keep in touch in chat, but not required. Our channel is #gyakusai_rp at irc.dynastynet.net. But please supply us with at least one email account / chat SN so we can keep in touch with you if necessary.

  • Just because your character doesn't have many personal interactions in canon doesn't mean you have to limit yourself in the RP. Cody and Lotta can take pictures together. Viola and April can be friends in villainy. You can meet just about anyone on the internet!

  • Adult interactions are allowed, but they must be clearly labeled and locked to the community. Only members are allowed into our seeeecret orgy room



    To update your lists, I'd suggest you use the LJ admin console. Copy/paste the following information below when logged into your desired account.


    [RP currently closed]

    If their name isn't on the list, we're not accepting applications for them. However, some side characters like Mia Fey, Bruto Cadaverini, and Shelly de Killer may be used on a "need to use" temporary basis.

    Now that you've read all that, on to...

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